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Final Fantasy  HD Remake Announced

At the Square-Enix press conference, Square announced that it plans on following in the footsteps of many others in the industry and release a new HD rerelease from the Final Fantasy series. While I'm sure you're hoping for a rerelease of Final Fantasy VII, you will be disappointed. However, The game is actually Final Fantasy X. Which, unlike many Final Fantasy fans, I understand.  

Final Fantasy X was very popular at the time, and would be a lot easier to remake than any of the PS1 tittles. Also, for those of you wondering why they chose this game over Final Fantasy XII I have one simple word for you. Sales. While Final Fantasy XII was a good game, it sold about 2 million less copies than Final Fantasy X. Though if you really do want to see an updated version of Final Fantasy XII, I'd recommend buying these Final Fantasy HD remakes to show Square that it has an audience.    

As for what the game will have packed in as extras, no one knows. It will be on both the PS3 and the Vita, bit that's about it. Though judging how much other developers are pushing it, the remake will probably be converted to 3D for the 3DTV owners. Though with TGS happening right now, expect more information to surface as the show goes on.


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