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Final Fantasy IV Announced for PSP Release

Final Fantasy IV was first released way back in 1991 as a SNES game, but as with much of the Final Fantasy series it has been re-released many times on different consoles and is now heading for the PSP.

The PSP game will be called Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection and as well as including the original game it will also include its follow up Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which itself was only originally released in 2008 as a mobile game in Japan. Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection is also said to include a new gameplay section designed to bring the two games closer together.

An updated version of Final Fantasy IV was already release for the Nintendo DS a few years ago and used updated 3D graphics in place of the original 2D top-down gameplay. The new PSP version is instead going to have an appearance that will more resemble an improved version of the 2D original, similar to the remakes of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II which are already available for the PSP.

Unfortunately, so far it has only been confirmed for Japanese release, which will be in spring 2011, and there is no news yet on when it will be arriving in the U.S or Europe.
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