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Final Fantasy V and VI on the DS?

jizzShinji Hashimoto, producer for titles such as Final Fantasy VIII & IX and the Kingdom Hearts series has been recently speaking with fans through the Square Enix Twitter Account. In discussions with the fans he addressed questions regarding a number of games that they enquired about.

For those of you interested in more obscure titles, Hashimoto shared with Square Enix Twitter followers that the JRPG factory is considering creating downloadable ports of Seiken Densetsu 3 and Ever Heart Odyssey. If you are a big Secret of Mana fan you probably look like this...

Something more of you are probably more interested in is that Hashimoto also spoke about the possibility of DS remakes of Final Fantasy V and VI.  However, due to technical issues concerning the remakes of those games the fate of their potential release and development are also in a state of indecision.

Don’t fear though; if Square Enix likes money they will probably get around to putting those games out. Maybe.

[Via Joystiq]


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