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Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Dated

Square-Enix’s latest entry into the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIII-2, releases today, and the Japanese gaming company is wasting no time revving fans up with the announcement of projected downloadable content including one that drops exactly one week after launch.  

On February 7th, fans will be able to combat FFXIII’s protagonist Lightning in the coliseum, and upon defeating her, will be able to add her to their party in the sequel. The DLC will run you $4.00 on PSN and 240 Microsoft points on Xbox Live.

This is just the tip of the iceberg however, as Square-Enix has stated plans to release 1-2 DLC packs each month with the potential for that pattern to continue all the way through May, totaling roughly 4-7 DLC packs total if the initial plans are upheld. 

Judging from the amount of content in the proposed February 7th pack, Square-Enix definitely seems ready to cash-in. Four dollars may not seem like much, but with the amount of proposed DLC, the extra content could run you up to $30 or so, or half the price of the original game. It’s definitely good to see Square-Enix trying to support its products, but I’m hoping that future releases won’t just be bonus characters or costumes but add-on story content as well.


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