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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

It's decision time.  If you're planning on pre-ordering Final Fantasy XIII-2, which is due for release in North America on January 31st, you have three retailer-specific choices.  If you have an inexplicable attraction to the flamboyancy that is Final Fantasy costumes, then you'll probably want to go with GameStop, which is offering an alternate outfit for Serah, who will be playable for the first time in the sequel.

Those of you who are most interested in combat will likely be attracted to Amazon's offer, which is an exclusive boss battle with Omega in the coliseum.  If you're unfamiliar with some of the new features of the sequel, once you defeat Omega, you'll be able to enlist him as an ally via the game's monster-collecting feature.

Finally, Best Buy is offering a hardcover novella which bridges the story gap between the end of the first game and the beginning of the sequel.

Personally, I'm having a hard time deciding between Amazon and Best Buy.  It's frustrating that these pre-order bonuses may be getting out of hand.  The usual character skins don't bother me, but a novella?  I feel like that should be part of the game, not some exclusive bonus content in the hands of a retailer.  Let us know which bonus you're most excited (or furious) about in the comments below!


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