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Final Fantasy XIII Causes Some Issues

Whenever a Final Fantasy fan puts in a new game from their favorite franchise, there are many thoughts going through his/her head.  How will the story be?  What will the game play be like?  How about the characters?  And what about the world itself?  However, for some people one of their first thoughts was, “Why is my PS3 not working?”. Some people who put in the Final Fantasy XIII disc into their Playstation 3 found out the hard way that their consul may be broken.  The worst part is that this odd problem not only stopped them from playing Final Fantasy, but also every other game they own.

This problem has caused a lot of damage to too many people since its first release.  It caused systems to freeze and eventually become “inoperable”.  The messed-up thing is that both Sony and Square Enix knew about this problem, but did nothing about it.  Instead of one company taking the responsibility for its actions, the two chose to blame each other.  Square blames the issue on the PS3 and Sony blames the Final Fantasy disc.  Its seems odd that the PS3 would be at fault, since if you’re making a game for this consul, then shouldn’t you have seen this problem before its release and fixed it?  There has to be some code they put in that is messing with the system because I highly doubt you can blame the Playstation 3 for this, despite its freak out a few months back. 

The law suit is for over $5 million for damages and other “financial relief”, most likely meaning we want more money.  Make sure to check in for an update on this situation as it progresses over the months, since we all know this won’t end with Sony or Square backing down.


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