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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Undergoes Big Changes

The ever expanding world of Eorzea in  the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is expanding much further with the introduction of patch 2.3. The patch notes can be found HERE and a video as seen below outlines some of these exciting changes.

The 2.3 expansion's battlegrounds now include the Borderland Ruins of Carteneau Flats, as well as a handful of new quests quests like The Hunt and many more. The main content of this patch is set to add a wide array of story scenario quests as well as side-quests, side-story quests, Grand Company quests, and Chronicles Of A New Era quests. Other content that will be added include a new Chocobo raising system, housing additions, and changes to Grand and Free Companies as well as a whole host of changes and additions to the crafting system.
Square Enix also announced at E3 2014 that patch 2.3 will also bring large-scale player-versus-player to the game with the next planned patch for the magical MMO being dubbed version 3.0 and is expected late fall.
The patch is due to drop today (July 8th) so go get that update done and tell us what you think! I haven't revisited the game since around six weeks after launch and with this whole host of new features may entice me back.


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