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Final Fantasy XV Uncovered Recap

"Big reveals for FFXV including release date."
At last night’s press conference, the Final Fantasy XV team has unveiled a ton of new information regarding Final Fantasy XV’s release as well as many events leading up to it. The first big reveal is a plethora of new trailers, including gameplay footage and an environment trailer. The gameplay footage looked fun as heck and showcased interesting elements like chocobo riding and the use of magic. The video clip that showed combat highlighted creative use of the protagonist’s signature move, the warp strike. They also revealed environment-changing magic mechanics as well as a dynamic “smart A.I.” mechanic. The environment trailer was perhaps one of the most visually stunning trailers so far, and that’s really saying something. Sweeping landscape shots revealed the massive scale that this game promises while more intimate shots of street corners and what looked like a café showcased the rich detail that will fill the world. FFXV_key-art_TGS2014-noscale The FFXV press conference also announced the new mini-game that will be playable inside the game, called Justice Monsters Five. Justice Monsters Five is a pinball type game that will also be available as a stand-alone mobile game when FFXV comes out. Outside of the game itself, the press conference revealed a short anime series that began last night (available for free), a full-length CG movie, and a “Platinum Demo” (also available for free). Each of these will offer a completely new story that should help flesh out the backstories of each character. The first episode of the anime and the demo are available right now, and the CG movie will be released before the main game. Restalm-FFXV Finally, the press conference revealed a “Deluxe Edition” and a limited “Ultimate Collector’s Edition,” both of which are available for pre-order right now. The conference ended with a larger story trailer played to a Florence and the Machine cover of “Stand by Me,” which added insight of an inspired theme to the game. Final Fantasy XV will be available for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on September 30, 2016.


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