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Firaxis Announces First XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC

Firaxis and 2K games have revealed today that the first piece of DLC for acclaimed tactical squad shooter XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be titled the ‘Slingshot Content Pack’. It will feature new missions, news maps and other neat additions.

The Slingshot Content Pack will feature a new set of single player mission that focus on the Council. They will, therefore, take the form of structured missions as opposed to randomised Alien Abductions. The new missions offer up a chance to play over China and deal with a Triad operative, two concepts that are likely linked.

The pack will also feature three new playable maps that are sure to live up to the brilliant map design found in the base game locales.  A new playable squad character that has his/her own back story and voice is also included as too are new character customisation options.

A price point is yet to be confirmed but expect the pack to be available for around $7.99/£5.99. The final price, as well as the official release date, are to be announced soon so look out for that. Of course, the DLC will be available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 probably within the next month.

Firaxis also revealed today that the Elite Soldier Pack, previously a pre-order exclusive, is now available to download for $4.99 and 400 MS Points. The pack features a classic X-COM soldier inspired by the original UFO Defence game, a Soldier Deco pack and color customisation for your troopers.

Check back here at Player Affinity for the latest on XCOM: Enemy Unknown and be sure to look out for the Slingshot Content Pack.


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