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First Arc of Velvet Gets Collected

Writer Ed Brubaker has formed productive creative relationships with a number of artists. He’s teamed with Sean Phillips on Fatale and the Criminal series. He also has worked on a number of projects with Steve Epting. They collaborated on the modern classic Captain America storyline “The Winter Soldier,” the basis for this year’s successful film adaptation. Now Brubaker and Epting have combined for another comic book tale of espionage and intrigue with Velvet from Image Comics.   The first five issues of Velvet will soon be available in a collected format called Velvet: Before the Living End. The 128-page paperback volume will be released on June 18th in comic stores for the impressively-low price of $9.99. This will be a great chance to get caught up on the story so far.     Velvet is the story of a former spy named Velvet Templeton, who in 1973 has retired from the espionage game for an administrative position in the secret agency ARC-7. When another spy turns up murdered, Velvet is framed and must go on the run in order to find out who has framed her and why. Years from her last mission, Velvet has to tap into her former training and old connections in order to stay alive and gather information.     I reviewed the first four issues of the series (issue #1, 2, 3, 4) and found it for the most part excellent. The first few issues are especially impressive for how they establish tone, setting, and character. The most recent issue, #5, reveals an interesting story from Velvet’s past while also setting her course for the next arc of the series. The series, which has been getting strong reviews, looks ready to kick off another exciting chapter.  


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