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First Arkham City Gameplay Trailer

The latest trailer for Batman: Arkham City features the first footage of actual in-game action and shows off a few of the Dark Knight's new moves. The trailer also reveals a few new faces in the game franchise, as they appear in the story, and includes a few recycled ones as well. It's looking like a lot of what made Arkham Asylum great will be making a return for Arkham City. Players should expect more of the same intense action alongside a richer story. The game will act as a sequel to 2009's title, but this time the experience will be more open-ended—and the combat more refined. The brawling and solid stealth mechanic that appeared before will undoubtedly carry over and the open-world environment should prove superior to the semi-linear structure of the predecessor.


Trailer (YouTube)

What this new trailer really showcases best is the same grim atmosphere that appeared in the previous title; the unruly inhabitants who reside within. This time, an entire urban sprawl has been taken over by escaped inmates from the asylum and other regions of the city. These thugs, who seem to be immune to punishment, are running amok and have turned the city into a wasteland. It is again up to the world's favorite caped vigilante to restore order to the chaos and stop the man responsible for the turmoil. It's quite obvious that Hugo Strange will be one of the core villains this time around, with help from some familiar foes, and that Batman will have some help as well. Arkham City is still under heavy development buy more information on the game's story and characters is sure to surface soon. The game is slated for release on October 18th.


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