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First Behind The Scenes Video Released For Castle Of Illusion

Sega have released the first behind the scenes footage video from their up and coming remake, Castle Of Illusion.

Featuring interviews from the developer’s staff, Sega also give us a glimpse of the reimagined version of Castle Of Illusion in the video, which is apparently the first of a few to come.

The footage also contains some reflection on the development of the original title, with the art director and game director from that time-sharing their experiences of working on the 1990 game.

Castle Of Illusion was first released on the Sega Genesis and from it a whole series was spawned featuring four more games and several spin-offs. Throughout the main Illusion series Mickey Mouse remained the only playable character, apart from third title, which also starred Donald Duck.

Sega have yet to say whether or not other Illusion remakes will be made, but if sales fair well for Castle Of Illusion and the demand appears to be there, surely the gaming giants will consider it. 

The modern day remake of Castle Of Illusion is scheduled for release sometime this year and it will be available on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and PC. 


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