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First DLC combatant dated for Mortal Kombat, Rain and Kenshi to follow

Yet another one adding to the pile of reasons that I need to buy Mortal Kombat. Anyway, great news for those of you who are still into all the combos, x-rays and fatalities. Skarlet, the first DLC character for MK is set for release on June 21st. It just gets better from here too; following Skarlet will be Rain and Kenshi although no date has been announced for them as of now. And to top all of this off, a fourth character will follow Rain, if it’s Bo Rai Cho then I’m sold. Be sure to tear up the comments with your own guesses.


Fighting online with these will be very easy as each one will be accompanied by a separate download that allows DLC and non DLC owners to fight online without any problems and these are free. The blood-stained cherry on top is that they will also come with new character costumes, the Skarlet one will include MK3 costumes for Cyrax and Sektor. So even if you don’t want Skarlet, you can still get these costumes for free regardless of whether or not you want to buy the DLC kharacters (come on, I had to get one in).


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