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First Episode Released Of The Last Of Us’ Development Series

Naughty Dog have released the first episode in their development series about their up and coming title, The Last Of Us.

Entitled ‘Hush,’ this particular short focuses on the Infected and through interviews with various Naughty Dog staff, looks at how they came to be.

Regarding the series as a whole, according to a post on the PlayStation blog by the developers Community Strategist, Eric Monacelli, it will apparently “…pull back the curtain on our design, our technology, and our ideas that shape The Last of Us.”

“We want to give you a straightforward look at our development process and the work we do here at Naughty Dog,” said Monacelli, “This first video is just a taste of what’s upcoming.”

When the rest of the videos, which are being made in collaboration with Area 5, are to be released has yet to be disclosed, with Monacelli only saying, “We’ll have more behind-the-scenes access and content as we march toward June 14th and the launch of The Last of Us.”

Extended cuts of the video’s featured in Naughty Dog’s development series will be available via the game disc, come its summer release.

So, what do you think of Naughty Dog’s idea? Did the above video bring any more anticipation about getting your hands on The Last Of Us? Let us know your thoughts below.


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