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First Glimpse of DayZ Standalone

Dean "Rocket" Hall, Developer of the standalone version of the popular horror survivior game DayZ has released a video on his YouTube channel giving fans of the series a first glimpse of the eagerly anticipated title.
Lightfoot and Hall demonstrate the game's login screen and simplified menus which look crisp and easy to utilize. They also run through the game world whilst shoewing off the character customisation.

The video moves to a fly-over of a world designed by Ivan Buchta whilst he was detained in a Greek jail on charges of espionage. After this we get a small glimpse of an island taken from ArmA 2 that has only just been added to the standalone version of DayZ.

Then there is a look at a building and we see how the game spawns in its items, in this case the old classic can of Heinz Baked Beans. Finding them won't be easy though as they will be kept in a multiple of imaginative places such as fridges, cupboards, and even underneath beds so you'll have to look hard when scavenging for loot, and finally Hall shows off the new wreckage types that are in the game.

It seems that the standalone is still some way off completion and that the target of a pre 2013 release was jumping the gun somewhat. Though from the looks of it, the devs are putting some real thought into this title and making it as realistic as it could be for a zombie apocalypse and I myself among with the millions of other fans cannot wait to see what is next in store as they will hopefully be updating their web blog periodically. The game is yet to have a release date but we will have all the up to the moment DayZ news as soon as it happens!


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