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First “Kane & Lynch” movie poster

Here is the first high-res anything from the future film Kane & Lynch starring Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx, based on the video game for PS3 and Xbox 360. The first promotional artwork emerged at Cannes over the weekend in front of one of the hotels, which Empire snapped some photos of, but below is the official image that IGN received courtesy Nu Image/Millennium Films, the movie's production company.

The image is your prototypical teaser poster for a "guys with guns" movie, but with an undetermined release date at some point in 2011, it's always a sign of confidence when a film starts promoting early. I'm not sure the movie has even started filming yet (or maybe it just has), but everyone loves an effective tease of an anticipated release. Willis and Foxx should make a heck of a combo as the two death row inmates, one a mercenary and the other a schizophrenic, who end up being forced to steal a microchip of some sort. The film will be directed by longtime stunt coordinator Simon Crane, so expect the action sequences to be of the highest order.  



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