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First look at the Green Lantern suit

Do you subscribe to Entertainment Weekly? Because if you do, you're in for a surprise this week: EW has our very first look at what Ryan Reynolds will look like as The Green Lantern.

News first broke a few months back that Reynolds would not be wearing a costume and that his suit would be done entirely with CGI using motion capture attire. Now, we finally have an idea of what the finished product should look like.

Personally, a high-res still would be preferable to a glossy and overdone magazine cover. Until we actually see the thing in action, there's nothing to comment on except the suit concept, which is decent. It kinda looks exactly like one of those fan-made character posters that popped up as soon as Reynold's casting was announced. Not to talk smack on director Martin Campbell and the production team, but like I said, haven't seen the thing in action.

Also below are scans from inside the magazine featuring Reynolds and other members of The Green Lantern cast.




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