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First Look at The Trench 1916

Oui, zee Germans are coming!!! In three days the Deutsches Heer will be invading the foothold French territory of Verdun, the date is February 18th 1916 and the era will later be known as the First World War. The title of ‘World War’ is reserved for the conflicts in human history that are, well, the darkest periods in our past… And you get to be part of it!

In The Trench 1916 you take control of a French foot soldier to first-person shoot your way through the hellish trenches during the German assault on Verdun. As the French foot soldier you’ll need to request field artillery placements on a precise zone, manage air support, raid trenches and manipulate the positioning of foot soldiers in strategic places.

The 3 days prior to the 21st will allow for preparation of the structure and the scene of the approaching battle. A randomly generated French battle terrain offers the possibility of a unique battlefield each attempt, which could foreshadow great replayability.

Check out some screen shots and The Trench trailer.


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