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First Look: CBS’s Under the Dome Based on Stephen King’s Novel

A new sneak peek into the upcoming CBS series Under the Dome has emerged via TV Line. The adaptation of Stephen King’s science fiction novel of the same name is set for a summer premiere in June. The series is set in the small Maine town of Chester Mill, which is suddenly cut off from the rest of humanity by an unknown barrier. The story follows the aftermath of the event on the town and its inhabitants.

The video provides a behind the scenes look into the nature of the show and the story as well as the technical execution of the series’ stunts. Stephen King, who is an executive producer, describes the show as an “innovative, exciting thirteen-week event” and calls it “riveting TV.” The trailer does a good job communicating the intense and mysterious atmosphere and tone of the series as well as presenting intriguing scenarios that emerge as a product of the ‘dome’.

The creative powers behind the series are an impressive bunch, along with the involvement of King, the director of the pilot Niels Arden Oplev, who directed the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, seems a perfect fit for such a project. He certainly has the ability to create and establish atmospheric worlds and is skillful in incorporating action and suspense into an interesting narrative. Lost alums Brian K. Vaughan, who developed the show for television, and Jack Bender serve as executive produces along with Neal Baer (ER, Law and Order: SVU) who will also serve as showrunner.

Watch the inside look below:


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