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First Look: Dexter Season 8

New promotional photos for Dexter’s eighth and final season have been released, and along with the usual, blood-splattered Dexter close-up are some thought provoking and imagery-laden photographs. The images released practically insist on being scrutinized and analyzed to their last detail, so let’s get to it. Most intriguing are the images of Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Debra, clad in a black latex apron and plastic sleeves while yielding a knife; she's basically wearing a sexified version of Dexter’s kill uniform. Is there some role-reversal up ahead for the Morgan siblings?  Debra already got a glimpse into Dexter’s process in the show’s seventh season, but seeing as these photos hold potential foreshadowing information, this scenario could be hinting at Dexter’s demise, possibly at the hands of his own sister. Will Debra be the one to finally bring an end to Dexter’s life or will she be able to get rid of his “dark passenger”? Being the last season, almost anything could happen to the characters; Dexter has evaded capture many times throughout the series, and it is very possible that his story could end in his eventual capture or even death (which would definitely be a more fitting end for the serial killer).

We’ll have to wait to find out in which situations the characters find themselves in the next season (premiering June 30th) and what the culmination will be of the journey of our favorite serial killer and his “dark passenger.” In the meantime, have fun inspecting the new photographs for potential season 8 clues and hints. What do you think is in store for Dexter?


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