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First Look at Future Oliver Queen on Legends of Tomorrow

Time hasn’t been kind to Arrow’s Oliver Queen, according to recent photos shared by Stephen Amell regarding his upcoming visit to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The photo (below) shows Amell with as an aged, goatee-sporting version of Oliver Queen. Amell posted another photo on Facebook with a caption suggesting that an older Deathstroke will also be making an appearance, along with the introduction of Connor Hawke, son to Oliver and the second Green Arrow in the comics. stephentweet In the episode, the year is 2046 and Rip’s team will discover what will happen to their home if they are unable to stop Vandal Savage. According to TVLine, things aren't looking very good in the future. Future Oliver will also be missing his left arm, which is a reference to his appearance in the Dark Knight Returns comics. See what happens when the next episode Legends of Tomorrow airs Feb. 25 at 8/7c on The CW.  


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