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First Look: Henry Cavill Returns as the Man of Steel in ‘Batman v. Superman’

We've seen Ben Affleck in the Batsuit. Needless to say, the internet went batty over the image. Now, thanks to The Verge, here is the first look we have of Henry Cavill back in the red and blue duds. Here, the darker reds and blues seem much more fitting than in last year's Man of Steel, but that of course, is a matter of opinion. It is refreshing to note that the suit does not seem to have changed from the first film, which makes it feel less like a new 'movie' and more of a natural progression of a new story. What I mean by that is that, new movies seem to always mean new changes to suits and while they may look cool, it is not always necessary. Especially if that change is not incorporated into the story. Seeing as how the new film will be darker simply because Batman will be in it, and we have what looks to be good old Gotham city in the background, I would say Supes is right at home here. Supes in Bats and Supes


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