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First Look at Rihanna as Marion Crane on Bates Motel

It was previously revealed that Rihanna would be starring in the finale season of Bates Motel as Marion Crane, one of the crucial characters from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, upon which the series is based on. A&E just released a new trailer for the season revealing Rihanna in this role for the first time. In the film version of Psycho, Marion Crane is a real estate secretary who is murdered by her hotel proprietor in the shower. That version of the character was famously played by Janet Leigh. Bates Motel is a prequel for the famous Psycho story, telling the story of young Norman Bates and his mother Norma. However, after four seasons, the series has reached the film, with Norma dead and Norman beginning his transition into the character depicted in the film over fifty years ago. The trailer doesn’t just show Rihanna as Marion Crane, it also shows Norman dressed like his late mother as his mind begins to blur fantasy and reality. Are you excited for the fifth and final season of Bates Motel? How do you think it will all end? Tune in Feb. 20 on A&E to find out and check out the new trailer below!


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