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First Look at Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy

The Terminator series is a favorite of many sci-fi fans and while I've never jumped on the Terminator bandwagon I am curious about Dark Horse Comics upcoming comic book mini-series Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy. Written by Dan Jolley (Bloodhound, Prototype 2) with pencils by Jamal Igle (Supergirl, Molly Danger) and inks by Ray Snyder (Wonder Woman, Supergirl). Back in 1984 a cyborg (a.k.a. the titular Terminator a.k.a. Arnold Schwarzenegger) tried to kill Sarah Conner. He was prevented from doing so by Kyle Reese. Now only a year later Skynet is at it again. They are on a mission to kill scientist Elise Fong. Who will protect her? Will Elise be able to save herself from this advanced threat? I previously interviewed writer Dan Jolley about the series and he said "Thinking about what kind of Terminator story I wanted to tell, and especially going back and watching the first movie again, I really wanted to tap into the horror that the original film used. It was an action movie, definitely, but there was some serious fear of the unknown involved; for a good chunk of the movie, Sarah Connor had no idea what the Terminator was. All she knew was that he was a huge, terrifying guy who wanted to kill her, and who appeared to be impervious to damage, and in that respect he had a lot in common with Michael Myers from Halloween. So Enemy of my Enemy is about what happens when Skynet sends a Terminator back to kill someone, except that this time the Resistance isn’t able to send a soldier. There’s no Kyle Reese analog. So it’s purely humans-vs-Terminator, with basically no understanding of where the Terminator came from and what his nature is." I love some horror, so hopefully Jolley, whose Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine I enjoyed, will be able to pull it off! But let's take a look at the official preview of Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #1:

Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #1 Preview

I'm really not a fan of this artwork. I'm having Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine flashbacks which is not really a good thing. The faces sometimes have too many lines or are almost non-existent and those speedlines... The story is harder to get a handle on just from this small snippet because there are so many unanswered questions. You can pre-order Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #1 (Jamal Igle cover) now on TFAW.com. The first issue will be on sale February 19th, 2014.  


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