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First Look: True Blood Season 6

A brand new trailer for the upcoming season of the vampire thriller True Blood has made its way to the Internets. After the absolutely crazy, ridiculous, and over the top (and not in a good way) fifth season, which left many feeling disappointed, the show is gearing up for a whole new, hopefully promising season. Since Alan Ball stepped down as show runner, two people have taken on the role: Mark Hudis (took over in May) and now Brian Buckner. While the behind the scenes mix up might put off some fans, the new show runner, Buckner, has been a producer for the show since its inception and might be able to pull this mess of a show in the right direction. The show has suffered in quality as the cast has ballooned to an absurd size, a move that has weakened the narrative of the show with too many disparate and unsuccessful story threads. Still, if Dexter could crawl its way out after digging itself into a hole for two seasons, so can True Blood.

What's in store for the next season, you ask? Well, definitely more crazy vampire Bill, Sookie learning to use her power, lots of people with guns, lots of blood (duh), even more unnecessary characters (who can keep up anymore?), lots of fighting (vamps vs. humans, humans vs. werewolves, werewolves vs. werewolves, humans vs. everybody) shirtless dudes, and sex, of course. Watch the video below. Will you be watching the new season?



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