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First Pics from ‘The Great Gatsby’ are a Classy Bunch

Want to get a glimpse at the movie that reading-averse high school kids will be basing most of their English papers on? Well you’re in luck, as the first (official) images for Warner Bros. The Great Gatsby adaptation have finally been released.  

Love him or hate, director Baz Luhrmann knows how to glitz up a remake, and for a book dealing in extreme opulence, he seems like a fine choice. While we don’t see any evidence for why exactly this needed to be in 3D, the shots do reaffirm that stars Leonardo DiCaprioCarey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire all look really good in formal regalia. Slashfilm points to the $100-million-plus budget, but I’m betting audiences would swoon just as much for Leo holding a demure Carey Mulligan if they were wearing snuggies.

Given the near universal place F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece has in the American consciousness, and how much the academy loves stories about the ennui that comes with being stupid wealthy, this could be one of 2012’s serious awards contenders. It’s slated for Christmas of next year, but depending on Warner’s confidence in the finished product, don’t be surprised to see a release date bump for a more critically strategic opening. 



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