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Five Batman Stories Relevant in the Modern Era

If you're one of the many comic fans reading and waiting for Bruce Wayne's return to the DC universe, then you may have noticed that there's a lot of Bat-business going on in the DCU. So what better way to celebrate Bruce's return then to look at five story lines that are relevant in this modern age of the Batman. The P.A.C. (Player Affinity Comics) team sat down and picked out some of our favorite Bat story lines to share with our readers.

Batman : R.I.P.

A six-issue story line that started in Batman #676 on April 23, 2008, Batman is on one of his greatest cases. Superstar writer Grant Morrison and artist Tony Daniel, make the unforgettable story of Batman's epic battle against Dr. Hurt and the Black Hand. Tony Daniel's artwork for this story line is different from his modern Batman. If you've been reading some of Tony Daniel's stories of Batman and have seen his artwork you can really tell the difference. This battle against the Black Hand is the defining point that makes Batman the character he is today. Readers whom like Grant's style of writing and originality will personally enjoy this story about Batman's last (but not final) case. This issue concludes in Batman #681, and has many story lines attached to plot.
Batman R.I.P.Batman : Year 100

Year 100 isn’t just a futuristic Batman story. It isn’t an alternate future tale in which the writer/artist Paul Pope has taken every liberty with the character possible. No, year 100 is at its core one of the truest Batman stories perhaps ever written. Set in the year 2039, the Bat-Man has returned and framed for murder. Now he must solve the case, run from the cops all while surviving in city he’s unfamiliar with. The brilliance of this 2007 mini-series lies in the fact that the real mystery is: Who is the Bat-Man? Pope takes Batman to the extremes of “super”, but while he’s pressing his limits he shows the realistic consequences of his actions. Year 100 is gritty, dark and filled with the intense feelings of possible failure. The cards are stacked against the Bat-Man as he tries to survive in a future that is teetering on something out of “Minority Report”. Fans of the “Dark Knight Returns” will find similarities with this rough and tough Batman fighting against impossible odds.
Batman Year 100Batman : Dark Detective Mini-Series

This six-issue mini-series from the modern era is more of a trip to the past. The Batman team from the 70s' (writer Steve Englehart and artists Marshall Rogers & Terry Austin) reunite in this series to write the lighter and classic Batman from the past. The artwork is reminiscent of the olden day style. If you cannot afford the fortune that some old Batman comics from the 70s' cost, this is the perfect cheap mini-series that you can usually find at a convention or order online. Fans of the classic cowl will not be disappointed, but fans of the newer batman and today's artwork may not be happy seeing the dark knight going back to his roots.
Batman Dark DetectiveBatman : Cacophony

This three issue series was written by comedian/director Kevin Smith (of Clerks fame). The humor is easily recognized amongst fans as being his, but apart from the humor, this mini-series shows the relationship between The Joker and Batman in a very dramatic way. The artwork is done by Walt Flannigan, bringing Smith's imagination to life. This series will most likely find fans in both old and new, although some may not appreciate the way The Joker is treated as more of a second rate villain.
Batman CacophonyBatman: Death and the Maidens

Ra’s Al Ghul is being killed… by Batman… in directly. As it’s commonly known Ghul survives via the Lazarus pits. In trying to stop Ghul, Batman has made it his mission to seal or destroy of the pits. Now all that remains are a scattered few. Ghul begs him to stop destroying the pits and offers him a chance to talk to his dead parents in return. Writer Greg Rucka (Detective Comics) taps into the rich history of these two characters and their supporting cast. He not only makes Ghul relevant in the modern era of comics, but he also makes him human with flaws to which the character has never had. The story largely follows Ghul and reveals key elements of his past including a woman – Nyssa - that is also in power struggle for the pits. Nyssa is out for revenge and captures Talia. She tortures by killing her and resurrecting her over and over again in the pits, driving Talia to brink of madness.  Fans of Rucka’s Detective Comic’s run should pick up the nine issue series to see just what an unbridled Rucka is capable of.
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