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Five Bold Predictions for Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is so close we can almost taste it. Not that you would want to but we sure as hell want to play it which we will be able to in a mere eleven days. We know quite a lot about the game at this point if you've been following all the trailers and promotion from Rockstar but there is still an insane amount to this game that hasn't been shown. And that’s what we are talking about today.

These predictions are all based from everything that has been shown by Rockstar and no other information. If any do turn out to be true it’s purely coincidental. Some are more believable than others and some I just wanted to have fun with. So here we go...

1. A part of the game will take place in a 'hidden area'

By ‘hidden area’ I mean somewhere we haven't seen previously. This one I have two theories for. The first is that Rockstar have been very careful with what areas of the map they have shown so far. This leads me to believe there could possibly be whole areas that will be accessible at all times that we are yet to see. The best evidence for this is a postcard which seems to read “North Yankton.” It shows snow which is something not seen anywhere else so far. It could just be a random postcard but as the rest are all locations we have seen, it is highly likely it’s in the northern region and could be a completely unseen area.

The other idea is that there could be a mission or section of the game where you travel to a new location for a limited time. Think the San Andreas mission where you fly to Liberty City only more fleshed out. With Liberty City already built in beautiful HD it wouldn't surprise me if it was used for maybe a flashback or something similar. More unlikely could be some potential heists that take you out of Los Santos for a big payday. Robbing the Malibu club in Vice City? Perhaps too good to be true but you gotta dream right?

2. Luis Lopez and Johnny Klebitz will return

So we know that characters from GTA IV can return but main characters are unlikely as their story has already been told. While the protagonists of the DLC could be considered main characters, overall their stories were still short and after such great success with them it would make sense for them to feature in GTA V in some sort of capacity.

Luis Lopez is quite hard to find motivation for moving to Los Santos as at the end of his story he was doing pretty well. He doesn't have a major reason to leave Liberty City except for maybe wanting to branch out and build his empire in other cities. Maybe Yusuf moved and recruited Luis for yet more lunacy.

Johnny Klebitz on the other hand makes a lot of sense. At the end of his story we see his chapter of The Lost motorcycle club all but destroyed and Johnny doesn't have any reasons to stick around. Maybe he decided to pack up and move to the west for the sun and sea and to maybe join a new chapter of the club. We've seen that The Lost definitely appear in the game in previous trailers so why not bring back Johnny for the ride.

3. Mythical Creature Hunting

So the Big Foot thing has been played to death over the years, but when it was first talked about in San Andreas it was pretty awesome. Some mythical creature out in the wild that people claim to have seen but there’s never any evidence, just like real life. While I think Rockstar are done with Big Foot after the Red Dead Redemption tribute, I do think something similar will arise from this game.

Also with hunting in the game and the phrase ‘hunt and be hunted by’ it makes all this stuff more plausible than ever. Of course it should mean dangerous animals such as bears and sharks but perhaps you encounter a random pedestrian who has seen something in the wild they would like you to take care of. It could turn out to be rubbish but the potential for mentioning more unique animals even if they don’t exist is too good for them to not at least make reference to.

With such a huge ocean to explore that could be where the great mysteries from this game come from. Imagine deep sea diving through multiple sea wrecks and caves to discover a huge Kraken at the bottom of the ocean. Even if there isn't one we can all go looking for it and thus the legend has begun. Everything starts with a rumor so go and find the Kraken already!

4. GTA Online will come to Xbox One & Playstation 4 but GTA V won't be ported

Ok let’s get serious now. While only announced for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 so far and the next generation consoles out so soon, GTA has to make an appearance one way or another. With the install base for the new consoles so low for the first year it makes perfect sense to release GTA V on current systems but soon they will want to get in on the new toys. The main reason I think this is GTA Online. This is the future of the series and if it stays on current systems it can’t continue to add and build new ideas. It simply has to at some point be available on the new consoles.

Due to it being free with GTA V it makes this whole thing rather confusing. The easiest solution would be to port the whole game over but Rockstar don’t just re-release the same product with a new price tag. Rebuilding the whole game for the systems wouldn't be worth the time which could be spent on developing the next game in the series. So if you only move GTA Online, it won’t come to Xbox One and Playstation 4, with or without GTA V.

5. Grand Theft Auto V will be released on PC within the first half of 2014

This is a pretty easy and safe one but I thought I should talk about it anyways. PC gamers are already becoming frustrated with knowing if the game is coming or not and have even started a silly petition to bring it over. Just relax, the game will come. It makes more sense for Rockstar to concentrate on the releases that will make the most money first and get GTA Online up and running and then they can talk about it coming to PC when it is not going to be filled with bugs and glitches.

I really don’t think we’ll see it this year so I think by the first half of next year at the latest. Rockstar like releasing in the Easter period so I believe that’s when the game will release, maybe to coincide with a DLC release. My random guess is April 29, 2014, so put it in your diaries PC gamers and if you really want to play it before then I suggest you invest in the eight year old outdated hardware that will be getting this incredible game before you.

So that’s it. A more light hearted feature with the launch looming so close. If you missed the other GTA features you will find the links at the bottom. See who the top characters are as well as the best missions from the series so far. Of course we will be bringing you our official verdict on the game in our review very soon also.

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