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Five Crucial Deus Ex Mods

Deus Ex is a PC game whose reputation precedes it. Warren Spectre’s dystopian shooter/RPG hybrid is a game that is still remembered by gamers today and to many fans, it’s a game that no other has matched. Since it was first released on the PC in 2000, Deus Ex has been a hugely popular game for PC gamers and a popular choice for PC modders who have added all sorts of cool new content to an already massively. Here are five mods that anyone looking to play or wanting to replay Deus Ex in anticipation of the new game should get their hands on: 

1. Deus Ex: New Vision

Although Deus Ex isn’t that old, the graphics that the game uses haven’t aged particularly well and as you would expect, there’s a mod that completely overhauls the textures for the game, making it look much better visually. While it doesn't sound like it adds a lot to the game, it really has to be seen.


2. The Nameless Mod 

The Nameless Mod was a massive undertaking by the Deus Ex modding community. It’s a standalone mod that features two extensive storylines that together rival the scope of the original game. It took Off Topic Production seven long years to develop The Nameless Mod but it’s well worth it. It is set in the virtual city state of PlanetDeusEx (A popular website for fans of the game) and featured numerous cameos from popular PlanetDeusEx forumgoers.  Since The Nameless Mod features almost as much content as the original Deus Ex, its definitely not something to be missed by any fan of the game.



Chronos is an ambitious mod for Deus Ex which brings in elements of time manipulation and further opens up the already complex and dynamic storyline to accommodate this powerful new mechanic. It really shows why mods are awesome by completely adding new mechanics and altering the core of the game. 

4.Burden of 80

While a lot of Deus Ex mods add new mechanics or alternate storylines to the game, some rare ones completely change the game in its entirety. Burden of 80 is one such mod. It sets you as a gamer who is on a mission to gather supplies for a big party that the main character plans to host. This mod strips out most of the combat elements of Deus Ex and replaces them with something that’s much closer to an adventure game, albeit a great one featuring the open ended gameplay of Deus Ex.



Much like Chronos, Shifter is a mod that modifies and adds new gameplay elements to Deus Ex. Shifter expands on the augmentation mechanics of the core Deus Ex experience by adding numerous new augmentations and allowing you to replace augmentations. The mod also adds alternate fire modes for all the weapons in the game and adds powerful and unique weapons to the game to boot. The mod also upgrades enemy AI and gives players access to a cool new skill system which rewards them more readily for their achievements.

Did we miss your favorite Deus Ex mod?  Tell us in the comments below. 


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