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Five Developers We Want Back on the PC

PC Gamers miss out on all sorts of games as more and more of our developers move to consoles.  Some of these we can understand (such as Naughty Dog who have always been a Playstation Exclusive developer) but others used to be prominent PC developers who ditched the PC for consoles. It’s a shame that the five excellent developers below have stopped developing for the PC and we can only hope they return to the PC to provide us with more excellent games to play.


The last game that Epic released on the PC was the port of the original Gears of War and efore anyone says anything about Bulletstorm, allow me to point out that Bulletstorm was primarily developed by People Can Fly who developed Painkiller for the PC way back in 2004. Its a shame that despite putting out one of the best PC development kits in the form of the Unreal 3 Engine and for indie developers the UDK, that Epic has mostly been ignoring PC gamers.


Remedy had been developing PC games since they released Death Rally in 1996 (Which was recently re-released on the iOS) and they are most well known for the Max Payne games. When Remedy first announced the supernatural and psychollogical thriller game Alan Wake it was a PC exclusive that featured new tech which would 
push the graphical boundaries of PC’s at the time. When Alan Wake was finally released in 2010, it was an Xbox exclusive, with the PC version nowhere in sight.  PC gamers felt quite cheated. Remedy are currently working away at a newly announced Alan Wake project and who knows, maybe its the long lost PC version. 


Konami is one of the big players in the Japanese gaming industry, this makes it all the more surprising that they literally haven’t released a notable PC game since the first two Metal Gear Solid games got PC ports. This is quite a shame as there are numerous games that Konami have put out that PC gamers would love to get their hands on, such as the rest of the Metal Gear Solid saga. Thankfully it looks like Konami is going to be returning to the PC with the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Rising.


Rockstar has a history of making absolutely stellar games and sadly both their open world western Red Dead Redemption and the recently released L.A. Noir are both lacking PC versions. The last game that Rockstar released for the PC was Grand Theft Auto IV and The Episodes From Liberty City DLC and while both were critically acclaimed in general, the PC versions were panned for being less than great ports with numerous technical issues. Thankfully for PC gamers its quite possible that Rockstar will return to the PC with their next game being Max Payne 3, which is currently slated for release on the PC.

5.Double Fine 

When Double Fine productions was formed by Tim Shafer, the designer of PC gaming classics like Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango as well as the co-developer of the first two Monkey Island games, the last thing they expected was for Double Fine’s first game to be their last that would appear on the PC. Since then Double Fine has released three more games which I’m sure PC gamers would love to get their hands on. The reason that Double Fine have given for the lack of PC versions is that publishers don’t “See enough financial reward” so I suppose its unclear whether we can expect Double Fine to return to the PC any time soon.


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