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Five Movies That Are Scary For Kids, But Are Actually Not For Adults

For kids, scary movies are just that. Scary as all get out. However, when those kids get older, some of those movies lose their power and suddenly they aren't so scary anymore. In fact, they become almost laughable. Here's a list of movies that had me afraid to get up and go to the bathroom at night.



I understand now that this is technically a horror comedy, but when I was a kid, those Critters scared the heck out of me. Walking anywhere in the house at night in the dark, it was hard not to imagine a large black ball of hairy things rolling my way, threatening to eat me. Now though, it's pretty funny to see them rolling around with their squeaky voices eating everything in sight.



I remember as a kid being very upset that there was a movie about a killer Leprechaun. I would look away from my television screen and cover my ears every time the TV spot would come on promoting the film. Up until that point, I had only happy thoughts about Leprechaun's. Heck, I enjoyed Lucky Charms as thoroughly as I did any other cereal and actually liked Lucky the Leprechaun. The existence of this film successfully snuffed out any dreams I had of ever finding a pot of gold. Nevermind the fact that the premise of the film is about as silly as killer tomatoes.

Blair Witch

The Blair Witch Project

Okay, I was a little older when this movie came out, but I would still consider myself a kid at that point. I'm still a kid, quiet as its kept, but that is another matter. I was pretty terrified of this movie at first. I couldn't even watch this with my family, who thought even then, that it was pretty silly. It took me years, but now there are certain scenes that I can't watch without chuckling a bit. I think having people make fun of it before I'd actually seen it, helped some too.

Child's Play 3

Child's Play 3

There were two other films before this, but this is the one that really entered my consciousness and I began to understand what the deal was. Of all the slasher villains, Chucky was one who gave me a particular kind of scare. Michael Myers and Jason were big dudes. Obviously, to a kid they would be super scary. With Chucky though, a pint-sized doll that was not unlike anything I might have come across in the waiting room at the dentist, you know, he was just under half my height. He wouldn't have to jump too high to get my throat. Today, aside from the fact that I'm much bigger than him, it is the reason that he's so small that makes everything about him hilarious to me to me. Chucky also has a pretty good sense of humor and that lightens things up.

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

From The Howling to Michael Jackson's short film, the John Landis directedThriller (though I love Michael Jackson), anything with semi-realistic depictions of werewolves was chilling to me as a kid. This film is no exception. I did try to challenge myself to watching this film alone and in the daytime (yes, it was still scary.) I don't remember how I was able to watch this whole movie, but I do remember standing a lot, in case I had to run away for a scene that was too scary for me. I did run a couple times, so I guess I hadn't really watched the film in its entirety. As a kid, that final spasm by the good Reverend got me to jump, but as a grown up it feels corny and actually looks more like a dance move. To that I say, 'shake it, Reverend.'

It turns out that simply saying "Riddikulus" alone to those movies wouldn't have been enough to make them not scary. One first has to grow up, as well as speak the incantation for it to really work (for all you Potter-heads out there.) These are my picks, but I'm sure you all have others. Let us know of some flicks that frightened you as a kid, but have you busting up today!


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