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Five New “The Dark Knight Rises” Photos Surface

Now that we're only six months away, the wait for The Dark Knight Rises continues to grow more and more frantic. With the release of the trailer and six-minute prologue last month, the marketing machine is kicking into full swing for Christopher Nolan's swan song in the "Batman" film world.

Now, Entertainment Weekly has "Rises" at the center of its 2012 preview, which features five new production photos to boot. Although Bruce Wayne was featured in the latest trailer, his alter-ego Batman was mildly used; not the case in the new photos featuring Bats, Gordon, Wayne and Bane. While Gordon looks like he is trapped in a noir tale (this is a Nolan movie, still) the most intriguing pic of the new batch would be the singular Bane photo. Is it just me, or does he look sad/scared? He definitely doesn't in the photo featuring Bane and Batman throwing blows — in fact you'd swear he was grinning. All told, the photos do exactly what Nolan-film marketing is designed to do: give you imagery without giving you any details (dammit!).


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