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Five Possible Villains for Season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix

The first season of Daredevil on Netflix was a big success. It has received strong critical and fan responses, and although Netflix does not release viewership numbers, it is reasonable to assume that it had very high streaming numbers since a second season of the show has already been approved. Wilson Fisk, as played by Vincent D’Onofrio, was a great villain. With 13 episodes, the show was able to explore his backstory and psychology. So which Daredevil villains from the Marvel Comics could appear in season two?  

5. Stilt-Man

  Stilt-Man - season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix   This one seems unlikely because Stilt-Man is a somewhat ridiculous villain who is often derided in the Daredevil and other Marvel comics as a low-level criminal who is somewhat incompetent. He has no power other than a suit that features telescoping legs that allow him to be, well, a man on stilts. The main Stilt-Man was Wilbur Day and he has at times given Daredevil some tough battles. He would by no means be a main villain, but there are hints that Stilt-Man could appear because during season one of Daredevil on Netflix, Stilt-Man’s lower body armor (with legs) is visible in Melvin Potter’s shop during his confrontation with Daredevil. Additionally, in the comics, for a brief time Turk Barrett (played in season one by Rob Morgan) stole the armor and was Stilt-Man. In all likelihood, it is more of an Easter egg for fans, but the fact remains there is Stilt-Man armor in the world of Daredevil on Netflix!    

4. Gladiator

  Gladiator - season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix   You could make the argument that Gladiator has already appeared in Daredevil on Netflix. The workshop of Melvin Potter (Gladiator’s alter ego) is full of Gladiator references. The Gladiator logo is visible on a drafting board, a framed poster has some text about Gladiators, and Melvin (played by Matt Gerald) tosses buzzsaw blades at Daredevil during their fight. So just as Wilson Fisk was never actually called “Kingpin,” Gladiator appeared all but in name. Still, I think Gladiator could play a bigger role in season two. In the comics, he has at times been an ally of Matt Murdock, but his fragile mental state often results in Melvin donning the Gladiator costume and going rogue. Though Melvin fashioned the maroon-ish armor that Daredevil sports in the last episode of season one, we could still see a fight with Gladiator at some point in season two.    

3. The Owl

  The Owl - season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix   In the comics, The Owl is a supervillain/mob boss whose real identity is Leland Owsley. Well, Leland Owsley (Bob Gunton) is thrown down an elevator shaft by Fisk towards the end of season one, so that would seem to eliminate The Owl for season two, right? I don’t think it’s that simpe. There are two possible scenarios for seeing The Owl in the second season of Daredevil. As any comics fan knows, we don’t know someone is dead unless we see a lifeless body. Although it would be reasonable to assume Owsley was killed when thrown by Fisk, it is never confirmed. Could Owsley come back, somewhat paralyzed but augmented by some armor/tech to make him possess super-human abilities? Also, Leland Owsley repeatedly mentions his son, Lee, in season one, though he is never seen. Perhaps The Owl will be Lee Owsley rather than Leland, coming to take revenge and assume control of the crime underworld of Hell’s Kitchen?    

2. Elektra

  Elektra - season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix   Elektra is the love interest/ninja who played a major role in Daredevil comics when they were written by Frank Miller. She is briefly alluded to in season one during a flashback when Matt and Foggy are talking about their days at Columbia and it’s mentioned that Matt took a Spanish class because of his interest in a Greek girl. This is clearly a reference to Elektra Natchios, who Matt initially meets in college in the comics. They lose touch before she comes back as part of a clan of ninjas called The Hand. Some have speculated that The Hand could be the main villain in the Netflix Defenders series and having Elektra emerge in season two of Daredevil on Netflix could be a way to develop The Hand in the TV show’s universe. Although the season one reference to Elektra could, like the Stilt-Man allusion, be an Easter Egg, there is some indication that producers are looking to cast Elektra, meaning potentially more ninjas!  

1. Bullseye

  Bullseye - season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix   Other than Wilson Fisk, there is no other villain who has so consistently battled Daredevil as Bullseye. So it would make total sense if Bullseye was a major part of season two of Daredevil on Netflix. For one thing, his powers totally fit within the gritty, realistic world of the show. Also, there is a possible reference/appearance of Bullseye in season one. When Detective Blake (Chris Tardio) is talking to Ben Ulrich (Vonde Curtis-Hall) and is shot, there is no clear look at the rooftop assassin. However, there is a brief shot of a playing card in his bag. Of course, Bullseye in the comics is a master marksman who often uses his trademark sharpened cards as weapons. Again, it’s hard to know if this is an Easter egg or foreshadowing, but I think Bullseye’s prominence in the comics makes it likely that he will appear as one of the main (if not the main) antagonist in season two of Daredevil on Netflix.   There are many other great villains from the history of the Daredevil comic, but these are ones alluded to by season one. Of course, they could go a surprise route and bring in someone like Mister Fear or the more recent character Ikari. We should know more as casting news will be soon released, so stay tuned!


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