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Five Reasons to get the iPhone 7

"How is the new iPhone better for games?"
Finally, the long anticipated iPhone is here. The gaming world most especially had been awaiting it's new features so as to transcend to the next level of gaming experience. The iPhone, the iOS in particular is a unique breed of mobile phone operating system. iOS 10 is in a class of its own. Surely, the gaming  experience can only get better. Here are a few reasons all gaming addicts must get the new iPhone. Super Mario is coming to iOS To all Super Mario lovers, guess what? Nintendo has made super Mario available on iOS. It runs in portrait mode. The game isn’t free and the price will be announced later. There are also no subscriptions but the super Mario run is expected to be out before the summer holiday is over along with iOS 10. iOS 10 will be available on the 13th of September, 2016 to be precise. There is an extra game mode for multiplayers; it’s a battle mode between Shigeru Miyamoto and other characters. The idea is to impress some toads that are residents of Mario's mushroom kingdom by battling and conquering the opposition. Super Mario stickers will also be available on iMessage. No ear bud or headphone jack This is good news because enjoying a good game on the go requires total concentration which is enhanced with the use of an ear bud or head phone. But these accessories many times limit the freedom of mobility of the player majorly because of the cord or wire. No headphone jack means iPhone 7 will be using wireless ear buds instead, called Air pods. You just open up the ear buds casing and simply tap connect on your iPhone 7 device and that’s all to it. This is all thanks to the W1 chip by Apple. These air pods can last for about 5 hours and it can be recharged in its portable casing. The casing offers about 25 hours charge for the air pods. Beats has also taken advantage of the W1 chip to make wireless head phones. New A10 Fusion Processor The processor is 120 times faster than the original iPhone. Thanks to the new A10 processor your gaming experience has been taken to another level. With lightning fast speed and power, your games can run smoothly and uninterrupted ensuring that your wonderful gaming journey never ends. New Glossy Jet Black Color  One of the features of a good gaming experience is the feel of the pad or in this case the phone you're holding; your gateway into the game world. With the new glossy jet black color your gateway has never been more captivating. With smooth ease while fiddling with your phone as you play, you're sure to have a wonderful time playing your favorite games. Water and Dust Resistant The iPhone 7 is water and dust resistant meaning you could also play games while making your way in the rain from the house to the coffee shop or the pizza hut. Imagine the feeling when you know your phone is invincible and just to mock the god of rain you play your favorite games while making your way. You also don’t need to worry about your phone getting dirty quickly, it's dust resistant. Talk about "INVINCIBILITY". That's my kind of phone, I trust yours too. It's clear to see that the iPhone out classes by far any other mobile phone device and operating system. If you don't believe me then get an iPhone 7 and see for yourself.


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