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Five Terrible Places for Aliens to Invade

We have seen many American cities being invaded by aliens over the years – New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago and so many more. Now with the release of Attack the Block, which is being expanded, aliens are now shown attacking the tower block of South London. For those who do not know much about South London, it is an area which is notorious for gang violence, high levels of crime and social deprivation (with some of the worst architecture you will ever see). But there are plenty of other places which would be ill-advised for aliens to try and attack.


We have already seen that Johannesburg was not a welcoming place for aliens in District 9 where the Prawns were discriminated against and forced to live in the slums. Johannesburg is infamous for its high levels of violence, crime and weapons being regularly used. Even South Africans warn foreigners not to visit that city. Added to the mix there are major issues of poverty, racism, immigration and xenophobia. That’s Joburg for you.


Ever since the 1980s, Somalia has been in a state of anarchy, resulting in that country having no government and many warlords vying for control, including Islamic fundamentalists who are allied to Al-Qaeda. Many soldiers, rebels and bandits are hooked on drugs and a large number of the people are armed, even children. Somalia would be a very difficult nation to invade for humans and aliens.

Baja California

You might notice a pattern here; bad places for aliens to invade are areas that suffer from law and order issues and where people are heavily armed. The drug war is one of the biggest crises to affect Mexico and America, with the police battling drug cartels across the nation and Baja California being a real hot spot. The cartels are able to get better weapons thanks to America’s lack of gun laws and will use any technique to protect and expand their empire. Imagine what they would do to aliens.

14th Century Europe

I confess this is a bit of a cheat because this is a time period rather than a place, but there is a good reason for its inclusion. The 14th Century was a tough century to live through: the Black Death wiped out a third of the population, leading to a rise in anti-Semitism and religious fanaticism. War was constant, particularly between England and France, whether fighting directly or through proxies during the 100 Years' War. Considering the standards of the time, you have to do something extraordinary to earn yourself the name Pedro the Cruel. Added to that, many people were armed in some fashion and most of the continent was a muddy wasteland, so why would aliens even want this planet?

Land of the Dead

We have seen how zombies can take over, especially in George A. Romero’s excellent "Living Dead" series. And if you thought trying to invade a planet with heavily armed armies, rebels and gangsters was tough, imagine what it would be like with zombies, an enemy that is very difficult to kill and could infect you if they get too close. Imagine the fun we could have with “Zombies vs. Aliens.” Even if aliens are able to conquer this planet, it's not like they could use zombies as a labor force or as food.


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