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Fock the “Fockers,” “True Grit” hits bulls eye

Speaking as one who walked out in the middle of Little Fockers, I’m not surprised it did not revive the waning box office. This poorly reviewed comedy came in number one despite its deficiencies. Over the weekend it earned $34 million and came to a five day tally of $48.3 million. It bested True Grit, a critical favorite, by a relatively small margin. The Western revival earned $25.6 million over Christmas weekend and $36.8 since premiering Wednesday.

The numbers for the Coen brothers’ revenge-themed shoot-em-up were good enough to make it the second highest opening in the Western genre. Considering Westerns have not exactly been popular in the past couple decades, that’s not much of a feat considering ticket price inflation. Little Fockers was the worst of the once-successful trilogy. The opening did not come close to Meet the Parents $70 million (adjusted for inflation).

Third newcomer Gulliver’s Travels sank into the movie abyss. It managed seventh place with a $7.2 million haul since Saturday. Tron Legacy grabbed an additional $20 million to rank it at third place and $88 million total. It has $111 million worldwide. The rest of the top ten include tepid holdovers and next week will likely be no better.

The Top Ten

1. Little Fockers - $34.0M (weekend)…$48.3M (gross)
2. True Grit - $25.6M…$36.8M

3. Tron Legacy - $20.1M…$88.2M
4. The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader - $10.8M…$63.9M
5. Yogi Bear - $8.8M…$36.7M
6. The Fighter - $8.5M…$27.5M
7. Gulliver’s Travels - $7.2M …$7.2M
8. Black Swan - $6.6M…$29.0M
9. Tangled - $6.5M…$143.7M
10. The Tourist - $5.7M …$41.1M

There are no new releases for Friday December 31, 2010. Enjoy the New Year outside the movie theater.


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