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Forever Evil #7 Review: Cue The Sun

It has been about two months since the last issue of Forever Evil, and there is going to be a lot to say. It’s only proper to inform that there will be no holding back on SPOILERS from here on out. We’re going to be going in-depth on this issue and what exactly worked and what did not work as well as it could have.   2014-05-21 07-33-41 - Forever Evil (2013-) 007-010   First things first, Forever Evil #7 is an issue that needed the extra pages that it received. There is so much going on at any given moment that it becomes incredibly hard to imagine it being any shorter without causing some serious structural problems. Even near the end, there are time-skips and rushing to tie-up loose ends. It is really not something that could have spared the page length. There is something funny to note as a result of this actually, that being that panel lengths on several pages can get very slim in order to fit bits of dialogue in. Still, Johns is able to fit in some really necessary character beats that had only been hinted at before. Things like the friendship between Black Adam and Sinestro that had only been hyped up beforehand but had never really seen the light of day until this issue. They get some really cute one-off dialogue and in one spectacular character beat Sinestro motivates Black Adam by imploring his love for his country. It is stuff like that that made this villain team-up so enjoyable. Their dynamic will remain one of the high-lights of this event.   2014-05-21 07-33-41 - Forever Evil (2013-) 007-018   Speaking of dynamics I would be remiss to not mention the single greatest thing about this whole entire story, or at least the main miniseries, that being the burgeoning relationship between Lex Luthor and Bizarro. I have always been of the opinion that Geoff Johns is one of the premier modern day Bizarro writers, and the use of Bizarro here does not diminish that opinion in the least. Their partnership has been full of subtle and not-so-subtle moments that really show how the two help each other grow and become stronger. The way both Lex and Bizarro develop into something more than what they were is a real sweet thing to behold. All of which serves to make Bizarro’s tragic death all the more heart-wrenching. He was a fine Superman substitute, power wise, but was never going to be able to hold his own against a real threat but his final demise is poignant just for the way he goes out. In relation for character denouements, the way the Crime Society goes out isn’t really nothing to speak about. One of the few missteps of the finale overall is that their fates were somewhat deflated, but Ultraman has the best one of all. The cathartic nature in which Lex Luthor completely demolishes Ultraman’s solipsistic mindset is perhaps the most satisfying moment that the character has ever received.   2014-05-21 07-33-41 - Forever Evil (2013-) 007-015   On the other hand a Luthor was at the center of what was most likely the most disappointing aspect of the finale: Alexander Luthor. For such build-up and hints about his nature and what his motivations behind his goals are – we don’t learn anything of actual substance. He comes off as a very two-dimensional and very flat character. In fact the only reason he seems to even be around is to dispatch of Deathstorm, who is taken care of in a solidly done humorous moment. It’s a definite fumble on the story’s part given that as the counterweight to Lex, Alexander should have been much more. What we got was little more than a plot device. Overall it was a satisfying conclusion that neatly ties the story together and, in usual Johns fashion, set-up for the next event for next year. Even David Finch wasn’t as bad as he usually was – the darkness of the setting and the terrain really do help to bring out what good there does lie within Finch. In a final summations, even outside of the huge disappointment that Alexander was, the way that the Injustice League disbands in pitch perfect. Not in any sort of air of hatred or disdain of each other, but rather of lightness and satisfaction of a job well done. Which I guess is what this whole event was, not perfect but well done. I know I will be awaiting the Forever Evil omnibus. Please comment below and share your own thoughts.
  • Satisfying character beats for the Injustice League
  • Clearing up of many loose ends of the event
  • FInch isn't as awful as he could be
  • Bizarro
  • Alexander Luthor isn't fleshed out
  • Many of the peripheral characters are glossed over


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