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Forever People and New Gods Ties

Infinity Man and the Forever People is the upcoming new series by powerhouse team Keith Giffen and Dan Didio as they delve deep into the New Gods mythos and lore. An already existing conundrum occurs however in that the very same New Gods pit of ideas that they wish to draw from have become something of a grab bag as of late. Especially notable in such titles as Earth 2 which has, over the last several months, had a large New Gods focus. They've been passed around from writer to writer and what Forever People will need is to create a cohesive framework.   INMFP_Cv2 (1)   In a recent interview Keith Giffen has not shied away from this sort of usage, citing the following "Mantis, Dr. Bedlam, Dr. Scuba" as being part of the roster of villains we will see in the series. Of course the astute reader will know that a version of Bedlam has appeared as a villain in Earth 2, so whether or not Giffen and Didio will be strengthening the ties between the already set "Fourth World" grounding that the "New 52" has done or be starting afresh will be yet to be seen. In the overall realm of character reintroduction, they will also be debuting "Fourth World" mainstay Himon in the series' third issue, out this August. Thoughts about these announced characters and which you would like to see would be appreciated below.


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