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FortressCraft on XBLA Hits Alpha 1.1

If you're an Xbox owner who just can't wait for Minecraft to hit XBLA, you might want to take a look at at the indie game FortressCraft which might be just a tiny bit inspired by Minecraft.  FortressCraft has just entered a new phase of development which adds in numerous new features.

New features include the option to have the game automatically populate your world with trees and other objects, plus constructed fortresses can now have doors.  Most interesting in the addition of a FPS mode which adds a bit of structured combat to the mix, as described in the latest press release below: 

"Finally, included in this patch is a test of the upcoming Fight, Protect, Survive (FPS) mode! In this mode of gameplay, you are given a lightning gun and are tasked with killing harvesters and wasps in order to collect metal resources to build resources to help you survive and prosper. However, with each kill, your threat level rises and more angry wasps come after you. We're very interested to know what you think of this mode, so please let us know at the FortressCraft forums."

FortressCraft is available on the XBOX Indie Game Marketplace for 240 MSP ($3). More about the game and the recent update can be found on its website.


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