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Forza Horizon DLC Announced and Detailed

Forza Horizon, Playground Games’ latest in the super popular Forza series, hasn’t even hit shelves yet and already we know the DLC details and schedule for the game. Announced was the Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack and we also have details on the Forza Horizon Season Pass, which is looking to be a great deal for gamers. 

Forza Horizon Season Pass

 Although it’s priced at almost the same amount as a full game, the Season Pass seems to be worth the money. At 4000 Microsoft Points, gamers can expect to have plenty of cars to race with on day one and in the coming months, all for free to Season Pass owners.


Month One Car Pack

Releasing in line with the game itself, the Month One Car Pack features six cars that you can use in game. They include: the 2012 Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione, created to bridge the gap between Formula One and production cars; the 2012 Gumpert Apollo Enraged, a ready-to-race track cart that’s street legal; the 2012 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, a throwback to the ‘50s but with all the performance and technology of the present; the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302, a revamp that matches its predecessor in every way and then some; the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador J, with its 700 horsepower engine; and the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, a tuner before tuner was even a term.

Six Monthly DLC Car Packs

Beginning in November, expect a steady stream of DLC cars, which Season Pass members get for free. Individual packs will cost 400 MS Points and all cars will be available for use in a variety of monthly DLC-focused community events, contests, and challenges, including photo contests, Rivals events and more.


Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack

The Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack includes new events, new cars and new achievements, costing 1,600 MS Points and is part of the Season Pass. Players can look forward to off-road racing and rally cars specifically tuned for the new tracks. More details will be emerging soon. Look for the expansion to release on December 18th.

Five Exclusive Season Pack Bonus Cars

Season Pass owners get even more content for their hard earned cash, in the form of monthly releases of cars otherwise unavailable. Each car will be released the first Tuesday of the month, with the first car being the 2006 Lamborghini Milura Concept coming in November.


One final incentive to pick up Forza Horizon is the free car given out with every purchase of the game during the first week of release. The 2010 Saleen S5S Raptor is a car exclusive to the Forza Horizon community team but can be yours if you get the game in the first week. Also, if you played the Xbox Live demo of Forza Horizon and then get the full game, you’ll receive the 2013 SRT Viper GTS, complete with custom livery.

That’s a lot to digest for a game that hasn’t even released yet but it is looking like the money you plunk down for the season pass will be well worth it. Look for more DLC details to drop in the coming months and make sure to pick up your copy of Forza Horizon when it speeds into stores October 23rd


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