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Four actors join ‘Dracula’ Prequel

From movies to television and cartoon, to computer games and a cereal mascots Dracula is an ever present figure in popular culture. A prequel is in the works which already has Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper and Sarah Cadon lined up to star in. Now The Hollywood Reporter has reported for more actors have joined the project formerly known as Dracula: Year Zero.

Les Miserables’ Samantha Barks, Icelandic actor Thor Kristjansson, Art Parkinson (Game of Thrones) and Charlie Cox (Stardust, Boardwalk Empire) have all signed on to Dracula. Barks is best known for her star turning role in Les Miserables and is accomplished stage actor/singer and she is set to play a Baba Yaga, a beautiful Eastern European turned into a witch. Kristjansson whose biggest role is in the Icelandic movie Black’s Game role is Bright Eyes, a man who was a slave as a child turned into an Ottoman Army assassin and Parkinson will play Dracula’s son.

Dracula is set to be Gary Shore’s directional debut, a commercials director who was linked to direct The Wolverine and his concert video Wolverine vs. The Hand is available on Youtube. The movie has been written by Mark Sazama and Burk Sharpless whose other writing credit Gods of Egypt is also in pre-production.

Dracula is set to start filming next month in Belfast and currently has a August 2014 release date.


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