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Four Things Bungie Should Add To Destiny

"Bungie, I Got Some Ideas For Destiny..."
Destiny is a game that has divided many people. Some have moved on. Repetitive missions, a lack of story and lots of grinding caused many to get bored or frustrated. Yet there seems to be many who are still playing Destiny. Running the raids, collecting shards and doing daily missions. For these people Destiny has its hooks in them. For some these hooks are deep and hard to get out.
Personally, I continue to play Destiny. Some of my friends, not all, also continue to play Destiny. I run the raids and wait every Friday for Xur’s appearance. Yet even though I am still playing Destiny I have issues with the game. Last year I wrote about the four biggest problems Destiny had. And Destiny still has problems. But at this point if you are still playing Destiny those problems probably don’t matter that much.
Instead I want to talk about five things I hope Bungie adds to Destiny in the future. Let’s start with a much requested feature, matchmaking.

4. Matchmaking for Raids and Weekly Challenges

The Raids are the big rewards for leveling up and spending time grinding in Destiny. Each raid takes six players and forces them to work together through different situations. From creeping around a scary maze, to fighting a big dude with a sword or even fighting through hundreds of fast moving thrall. All of these situations need teammates working together and communicating. So Bungie decided that these raids won’t have matchmaking. Makes sense right? Only friends with mics could ever HOPE to finish a raid.
Well, no. You see people have created sites like DestinyLFG.net. This site allows you to post your information and ask for others to join your group. You can also look for possible groups who need a few more members. Every raid I have done and every raid my friends have done has been done using DestinyLFG.net.
This idea that raids need mics and tons of communication is true, but only for the first run through. Every run after that gets easier and easier. At this point I’ve done Vault of Glass with near silence for most parts. I ask a few questions about what strategy we are doing or we ask for help here and there. That’s it.
Destiny LFG
Keeping matchmaking out of raids (And weekly missions) feels like a shitty thing to do. If you don’t have a lot of friends who play Destiny the ONLY way you can finish a raid is to use a third party website to find a group. Which is just wrong. Destiny is supposed to be a social game. But there is no matchmaking or “Looking for group” flag you can put up in the tower to get some help. Nothing. And Destiny needs to add that. It should be like this: Once you finish a raid you should be allowed to use matchmaking to find others who have finished the raid.

3. More Things To Do, Like A “Horde Mode”

destiny spider bot
You can raid. You can do weekly strikes and daily missions. You can do some strikes and you can play online PvP. On paper this seems like a good amount of stuff. But there are only two raids, a handful of pvp game modes and eight strikes after the release of Dark Below. (Of course if you aren’t on a PlayStation console you only get six strikes.)
That isn’t much. You will quickly end up doing missions and strikes over and over. AND OVER. What Destiny needs is something new to do. Something different. Personally I would love more strikes and raids, but I also have another idea.
I would love to see a wave based horde mode added. Destiny feels built for this. Fight off large waves of enemies that get tougher and tougher. Every few waves you get better rewards. This would be a nice way to get stuff and could easily have matchmaking.
Regardless of what Bungie adds to Destiny the reality is that Destiny needs more stuff to do. Which leads me right into my next point…

2. Weekly Events Should Be More Common

Early into Destiny Bungie launched the “Queen’s Wrath” event. It added a new vendor, new faction and new gear. You could unlock new emblems and even shaders. It was a cool event that made me excited for what else Bungie might have planned for Destiny.
Since that early event Bungie has done... not much. Sure we get an Iron Banner here and there, but that’s it. Nothing else. At this point I would be happy to have the “Queen’s Wrath” event return. Just some sort of event that everyone could talk about. Something for me and my friends to checkout and work on. Something that could also bring back some players who might of walked away from Destiny.
Weekly events could be a cool way to add new gear or gamemodes to Destiny, even if only for a few days. Bungie said that they wanted players to have something new to do each day they logged on. Weekly events could do just that. Instead Destiny feels like it has barely changed. It feels static.

1. New UI & Menu Features

Destiny Ghost menu
As you play Destiny more and more you will quickly start to find little things you wish you could change. For me most of the “little things” I wish I could change have to do with the menus and UI.
I think Destiny’s menus and UI look great. Better than most games to be honest. They have a sleek look to them and feel cohesive and well made. I even like the cursor control. But while menus look great they are lacking some features.
For one thing I wish I could just see how much reputation I have with the different factions. Being able to see how close I am to getting the next level with Dead Orbit or the Cryptarch would be great. Players also need an easy way to instantly go to the tower. When I’m on the surface of the planet I should be able to choose to go to orbit OR go to the tower.
Destiny light level
Another area where the menus and UI are lacking in in the inventory screen. I sometimes will get a ton of worthless green or blue items. I wish there was a way I could instantly dismantle all of my green or blue items. Maybe some way to mark multiple items that I want to dismantle all at once.
And why I’m talking about making some stuff easier and quicker, I would love to see a way to easily activate ammo packs and other consumables. Like holding the “Ghost” button and then hitting a shoulder button or dpad button. Something to make it easier to get more ammo in a pinch. Some of these changes might not seem like much, but after putting way too many hours into Destiny I would love to see the menus become a little easier and quicker.
Destiny is a game that you either played and moved on from or are still playing. For those who moved on, for many legitimate reasons, it might seem like none of these additions would make a major difference. But for those who are still playing Destiny, people like me, these changes would be welcomed.
I still believe there is a good game in Destiny, it’s just covered in some bad ideas and lacks enough content. If Destiny can continue to improve and add some of these things I’ve listed I could easily see myself and others playing Destiny for a long time. Let’s hope Bungie has a list of things they want to add to Destiny. And let’s hope the list isn’t just more paid DLC. They gave Destiny players more bounty slots, let’s see what else they improve.


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