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Fourth ‘Evil Dead’ Film in the Works

Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” films are nothing short of a phenomenon, particularly for titles such as Army of Darkness. Well, get your boomsticks ready, everyone, because it’s been revealed that the series will officially continue.

Actor Bruce Campbell confirmed that a film is “in the works” and that it’s “cool […] and scary as hell” via Twitter. What’s more, Army of Darkness editor Bob Murawski, who also worked with Raimi on other projects, will soon begin work on a fourth installment to the series according to Dread Central.

It’s also worth noting Federico Alvarez is attached to direct. His involvement might leave some room for skepticism considering that this’ll be his first feature-length film. Still, it’s promising that Campbell and Murawski are back on board.

Is this fourth film 20 years too late or will it find some life at least for fans?


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