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Fox Launches Fringe Web Series ‘Past + Present + Future’

As a lead-in to the season four premiere of Fringe, Fox has launched a recap web series titled Past + Present + Future. The videos are obviously designed to bring new viewers up to speed on Fringe, while also reacquainting regular fans with the essentials before the upcoming season begins.

The webisodes are narrated by Fringe star, John Noble, and do not follow the season arcs as they chronologically unfolded, but rather are organized by themes laid out over the Fringe time line. Two installments have already been released and the rest will follow this week. They are available on the Fringe 101 page and can also be viewed on YouTube.

The fourth season of Fringe will premiere with the episode, “Neither Here Nor There” on Friday, September 23 at 9pm EST on Fox.


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