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FPS Trainer Enters Beta

Do you suck at video games?  If you find yourself getting stabbed in the back every ten seconds in Call of Duty, or if you walk around Halo with a "Stick Plasma Grenade Here" sign on your helmet, then you might want to have a look at a new free-to-play online game called FPS Trainer.  It purports to help raise the skills of a novice player to an intermediate level, and even has some content on the way which will help already experienced players get to a professional level.

The product just switched from its pre-alpha build to beta testing and it is accepting members now.  It plays on your browser using the Unity Engine which you may have heard about in some of our other articles about 3-D browser games.  It plays much a generic first person shooter, but it has a coaching system which helps explain what you're doing right or wrong.  New features are promised, as are Premium Packs which can be purchased; already announced are a HD version of the game, and a "Tactical Pack" for games like Call of Duty and Counterstrike.
You can try it out for yourself at their website, and we'll have a full feature about the game and its effects here on Player Affinity soon.


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