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Fraggle Rock v1 #1 – Review

Jim Henson's Fraggle's are back with a Archaia Press. Story is very family friendly and although there's not music and singing the title captures the feel of the original T.V. show. The Dozers and Gorgs and the All-Knowing-Trash-Heap are all back in this fun adventure that teaches lessons while remaining carefree.

The story is broken up into three parts, the first focuses on Gobo and Red. Red grows tired of Gobo always talking about his uncle Traveling Matt, so she challenges Gobo's own bravery. Red throws down the challenge of spending the night in the Gorg Garden. The Gorg's are giants that can easily capture the Fraggles, giving the Fraggles extra reason to fear them. Gobo accepts Red's challenge and the two make their way to the garden entrance. Red will sleep at the end of the cave while Gobo survives the night.

The plan is changed as a Gorg sets an old chair in from of the cave entrance blocking both Red and Gobo on the outside of the cave. The two continue to bicker until being forced to work together and find a way back into the cave. Meanwhile, back in Fraggle Rock, the rest of Gobo and Red's friends discover the cave closed off and must find away to help the trapped Fraggles.                                       https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Fraggle_Rock_01_CoverA2.jpg

Heather White writes the main the story with art by Jeff Stokely. Heather captures the tone and feel of the TV show almost perfectly. She fleshes out the characters and finds what made the interesting in the first place. Jeff does an amazing job of making the Fraggles look like their puppet counterparts. At times the eyes tend to look a little ridiculous at certain angles but other than that they look great. What gives the book the strongest feel of the show is the coloring. Lizzy John makes every frame look like a painting and truly makes the Fraggles world look alive.

The second and third stories are not nearly as long and for the most part function as cute side stories. Each story has its own unique look and Katie Cook writes and draws a quaint story about Red. Her art style may not be as realistic as Jeff's and Lizzy's but it's very fitting for the World. The third story written and drawn by Jeffrey Brown attempts to bring the Fraggles into the modern era but fails to capture the tone of the series. The Fraggles were always behind the time, which makes Red's invention of a segway out of place and unneeded.

This comic functions as a great book for children that steps out of the superhero worlds and tries to teach a lesson. For others it will be a nice stroll down memory lane, but you may not find anything else on that journey. All of the creators, including Archaia Press, treat the source material with respect and that's what makes this issue good.

Overall Score - 8.5/10

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