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Fraggle Rock v1 #3 – Review

Archaia Press' adaptation of the popular children show comes to a close. The series in general has been very good at capturing the look and feel of the TV show, but also progressing the series forward. Issue three continues to appeal to reader's nostalgic side while giving younger readers something to latch onto. This issue follows the same setup as the first two by having one main story and two shorter stories to accompany it.

The first story is entitled, "Where have all the Dozers gone?" After becoming very hungry, the Fraggles go looking for Dozer sticks to munch on. Lo and behold, there are none to be found. In fact there's not even a Dozer to be found. The Fraggles split up and search Fraggle Rock from head to toe with no signs of the Dozers or their delicious sticks. They decide to ask the Great Trash Heap if she's seen the Dozers. Upon exiting the cave, they find the Dozers all on their own.

It seems that Cotterpin has been allowed to build anything she wants and has chosen to make a tower to show how great Dozers are. She begs the starving Fraggles not to eat her tower so that it can stand for all time. The Fraggles agree not to snack on tower, but Cotterpin's real problem is the Gorg King. He's becoming more and more bothered by the tower (especially since it looks nothing like him). He demands it to be knocked down and the Dozers "thumped."

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Fraggle Rock 003 Cover B.jpgEventually, the tower does fall and the Dozers are sad that the Fraggles are not there to appreciate their work and enjoy the sticks. Cotterpin feels that she has failed herself and angered the other Dozers. The Foreman reassures her that no dream is too big and that she should be proud of what she built. He also explains that even though the Fraggles eat their buildings they always ask first and appreciate the work they do. Which is a roundabout way of saying ask first and then say thank you!

The next story is also about the Dozers as they attempt to take a page out of the Fraggle book and throw a party. Problem is that none of them know what a party is. Cotterpin attempts to teach them, but they don't really get it.

The final story is about the Junior Gorg and another failed attempt at catching a Fraggle. This was actually a very touching story about Junior trying to be what his father wants him to be, not what he wants to be. It truly shows Junior in a different light.

The stories and art continue to be top notch. It's interesting to see so many styles work so well in the place of puppets. Each of the art teams does a great job of capturing the look and feel of the show. The writers do a good job of giving new and old fans something to enjoy. This book is very much geared for a younger audience, but it doesn't try to alienate the older fan base.

It's good to see Jim Henson's properties alive and well, and the Fraggles have a solid home at Archaia. The company really treats the source material with the respect that it deserves. This issue marks the end of volume one, but hopefully we'll see more volumes from the Fraggles in the future.

Overall Score – 8.0/10

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