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Franchises that Need to Make A Comeback

There sure are a lot of sequels out there in the current market and even if they’re not, they might as well be. Some games might not bear the same name as others, but the market has become ever so slightly stale in past couple of years. This got me thinking what games I would love to see get revived and be given another go. Some didn’t die out exactly and some finished strong, however, all of them are good enough to warrant a return.

Crash Bandicoot

It’s a shame that Naughty Dog had to move on from this series. Crash Bandicoot 2 will always be one of the greatest platformers ever and I would love for them to revisit this franchise. Wrath of Cortex was certainly the last decent entry in the series, but it’s clear that Naughty Dog kept the special ingredient to themselves. With the success of Uncharted, the odds of seeing another Crash game from them is unlikely, however, one can hope.


It’s impossible to know for certain what went wrong with Tenchu Z. The game was certainly behind the times for when it was released, but more importantly, it didn’t capture the essence of being a ninja. Wrath of Heaven for the PS2 was the highlight of the series for me, no stealth game has ever been that much fun since. They nailed the stalking aspect of it so well and with multiple paths and difficulty levels, it offered a lot of replay value. These kinds of games are simply not as popular as they once were, so I guess we’ll just have to wait for them to become cool again.


Yeah, you read that right; Sonic. I know there has been a billion and one games with the name Sonic in the title. But none of them come close to the golden age of the early Sega titles. I know hoping for a Sonic comeback is beyond unreasonable. However, even if it’s only for a second, just imagine another Sonic game that deserves to the carry the name... see what I mean?

Tony Hawk Skateboarding

There’s a chance that due to how many games that carry Tony Hawk’s name you’ve never played the decent ones in the series. For the record, as long as you stick with the ones up until the first THUG, you can’t go wrong. The first underground title easily boasts the greatest level design and the gameplay has simply never been improved but it did add too many extraneous elements. Up until this point the series was a perfect example of one that constantly improved as it went on. These games played more like platformers with a skateboard than an actual skating game. With the sudden rush for more “realistic” skating games the classic Tony Hawk formula became obsolete and the series has limped on ever since.

Eternal Darkness

Though technically not a franchise, you simply can’t write an article like this without mentioning this game. If you were one of the five Gamecube owners that didn’t play this game then I urge you to go and play it. This was simply one of the greatest games of the last generation and it’s absolutely criminal a sequel never came to light. It’s very hard to describe this game without giving it away, all I can say to you is play it, seriously, just go and play this game. 


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