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Freddy Krueger Revealed as Final DLC Fighter for Mortal Kombat

The final DLC character for Mortal Kombat will be none other than the dream terrorising Freddy Krueger. Now I love me some Mortal Kombat, and I love me some cheesy slasher movies and if there was ever an A-list of slasher villains he would be pretty near the top. This pedigree alone definitely makes Krueger a better addition to Mortal Kombat than Darth Vader or Yoda did to Soul Calibur.


Now of course you’re going to get the onslaught of comments about how lame it is to include a character such as Freddy Krueger in Mortal Kombat. But come on, he’s not exactly going to have trouble fitting into the universe, is he? Going by the trailer he looks well implemented and has some pretty nice looking moves and combos. This addition is the exact kind of madness that has been missing from MK for so long and it's great to see it again.


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