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Free Copy of Fruit Ninja With Gunstringer Purchase

Oh won't you please buy a Kinect?  Microsoft will be your best friend if you do.  Pleeease... Okay, so begging isn't going to get you to buy the thing, but how about some free games for it?  That oughtta perk up your ears.  When you buy Twisted Pixel's upcoming Kinect game The Gunstringer, you'll get a bunch of bonus items, including a free download code for Fruit Ninja Kinect.

The Gunstringer puts players in the role of an undead marionette back from the grave to slake his thirst for vengeance!  It's basically an on-rails shooter controlled with the Kinect, and if you buy a new copy of it you'll get a download token for a DLC pack called Wavy Tube Man Chronicles.  If you pre order it you'll get some avatar items too.  

However the best news is that new copies of The Gunstringer also have a token for the full version of Fruit Ninja Kinect, an XBLA game based on the ridiculously popular iphone game where you swipe the screen to chop up fruit.  Fruit Ninja Kinect alone costs ten dollars, which makes The Gunstringer's already low price of forty dollars seem like an even better deal.  

Both games require the Kinect to play.  The Gunstringer comes out on September 13th, and Fruit Ninja Kinect can be bough separately on August 3rd.


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